DMEA Awards and Election Materials

DMEA Scholarships and Awards

The Des Moines Education Association will be awarding three scholarships to the children of DMEA members this year.  DMEA Scholarship Application can be downloaded here.  We also give our four prestigious awards each year to DMEA members and community advocates.

DMEA Member Awards

Community Member Awards:

DMEA Elections

The Des Moines Education Association will be electing multiple position to serve on the DMEA Executive Board, Department Officers, and delegates to the ISEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly this year.  The deadline to declare as a candidate is January 10th at 4:30pm for all the paperwork and rules download the Election Packet.  The following positions are open:

Executive Board Positions:

  • Secretary (3 year term)
  • Treasurer (3 year term)
  • High School Representative (3 year term)
  • Elementary School Representative (one 3 year term, one 1 year term)

Department Officers:

  • Nurses Secretary (2 year term)
  • ESP Secretary (3 year term)
  • ESP Treasurer (3 year term)
  • CSS Secretary (2 year term)
  • CSS Treasurer (2 year term)

Representatives to state/national meetings:

  • Eleven delegates to the ISEA Delegate Assembly (2 year term)
  • Fifteen delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly (1 year term)
    • Only the President plus two additional delegates will be funded