DMEA Leadership

The DMEA is led by an elected full-time release President and an elected Executive Board, which reports to and is directed by our elected DMEA Association Representative Assembly which meets each month during the school year.


Joshua Brown, a middle school teacher social studies and special education who was elected President of the Des Moines Education Association in March 2018. Josh first became active in leadership within ISEA as part of the student program while attending Simpson College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Religion with minors in Secondary Education and Philosophy. He continued his education at Morningside College where he earned his Masters of Arts in Teaching along with an endorsement in Special Education. In 2009, Josh was awarded the Des Moines Education Association Paul Mann Emerging Leader Award.

Josh has served the association in many roles at the local, state, and national levels. In Iowa he is currently serving as the vice-president of the Iowa State Education Association. He also served as the ISEA representative on the NEA Board of Directors from 2013-2018 and as the ISEA representative on the NEA Resolutions Committee from 2011-2013. At the national level Josh was elected by local leaders from across the nation to be the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) Central Director from 2012-2018. He was also elected by members of the NEA Board of Directors to serve on the NEA Strategic Plan and Budget Committee from 2014-2018

In addition to serving the association, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife, Anna, who is a science teacher and with his 9th grade son.


Vice President: Sara Earleywine (Hoyt Middle School)

Treasurer: Samy El-Baroudi (East High School)

Secretary: Courtney Starbuck (Perkins Elementary School)

ISEA Exec Board Rep: Anne Cross (Central Academy)

Ethnic Minority Rep: Zipporah Smith (Capitol View)

High School Rep: Deb Henry (Roosevelt High School)

Middle School Rep: Patricia Gronewald (Hiatt Middle School)

Elementary School Rep: Tracey Stevens (Jackson Elementary School)

Elementary School Rep: Marilyn Smith (Oak Park Elementary School)

ESP Rep: Pam Bemis (Garton Elementary School)

Nurses Rep: Kathleen Wells (Garton Elementary School)

CSS Rep: Helen Copley (Hillis Elementary School)

Building Association Representatives

Each building has at least one or more Association Representatives who are our building level leaders. Contact your building level representative with concerns or issues you would like to see addressed!

Joy Martin Brubaker
Kelly Jo Hotchkiss Brubaker
Nicole Stuhldryer Brubaker
Angella Welch Brubaker/Nurse VP
Ashley Schott Capitol View
Melanie Burdick Capitol View
Cassandra Tully-Lahmann Capitol View
Shawna Hughes Carver
Emma Bade Carver
Caley Vaughan Carver
Karen Whittlesey Cattell
Jennifer Gelner Cowles
Bruce Miller Downtown
Sararae Herrin Downtown
Kelsey Coy Edmunds
Megan Fontanini Findley
Jessica Johnson Findley
Kathleen Wells Garton
Pamela Bemis Garton
Ethan Woodward Garton
Julie Hansen Garton
Jason Baker Greenwood
Tim Tutt Hanawalt
Alecia Hodgkinson Hillis
Sue Bloom-Gilbert Hillis
Joyce Adamson Howe
Carrie England Hubbell
Kelsey Brown Hubbell
Jolene Sigler Hubbell
Tracey Stevens Jackson
Amanda Martin Jefferson
Linda Rossow King
Jonna Nelson Lovejoy
Alyssa Doeden Madison
Stephanie Maher Madison
Julie Bulver McKee
Tracy Kennedy McKinley
Mary Simmons McKinley
Crystal Crowdis Mitchell
Chris Albers Monroe
Anne Parenza Monroe
Christina Taylor Monroe
Shanna Gibson Monroe
Sara Askvig Moore
Alicia Coleman Moore
Stacy Trimble Moore
Brenda Beumer Morris
Catherine Lyons Morris
Kirsten Fath Morris
Jackie Kohler Moulton
Cynthia Toth-Steininger Oak Park
Marilyn Smith Oak Park
Lauren Williams Oak Park
Jennifer Warner-Blankenship Park Ave
Lori Sparks-Cooper Park Ave
Courtney Starbuck Perkins
Mindi McCoy Perkins
Chris Wellman Phillips
Erin Lowe Pleasant Hill
Amanda Coates Pleasant Hill
Megan Woody River Woods
Zipporah Smith River Woods
Diane Conzemius Samuelson
Leah Sengbush Samuelson
Cynthia DeMeyer South Union
Brianna Phillips Stowe
Lora Dingeman Stowe
Andrea Wilson Studebaker
Holly Cooper Studebaker
Rita Rasmussen Studebaker
Emily Kurimski Taylor
Elizabeth Bouma Walnut St
Brittanee Grove Willard
Margaret Matijevich Willard
Jacqui Pudenz-Powers Windsor
Kathleen Sharon Woodlawn
Joanna Braucht Woodlawn
Heather Saville Wright
Anne Cross Central Academy
Lucinda Core Central Academy
Kevin Anderson Central Campus
Tracy Holland Central Campus
Betty Morrow DMAP
Jill Wibben East
Brian Koch East
Samuel Juhl East
Cheryl Bjurstrom East
Vicki Bonnett East
Dana Smith East
Sarah Wittkop Hoover
Whitney McKinstry Hoover
Chris Dusek Hoover
Jerry Rohach Hoover
Amber Davison Hoover
Stephanie Brennan KURTZ
Samy El-Baroudi KURTZ
Robert Newton Lincoln
Krys Melton Lincoln
Scott McClelland Lincoln
Jonell Pierce Lincoln
Genevieve Rosenbalm Lincoln
Robert Starace North
Hayley Pratt North
Sara Stieler North
Laura McPherson Orchard Place
Christa Sullivan Roosevelt
Lynn Eastman Roosevelt
Michael Davenport Roosevelt
Deb Henry-Smith Roosevelt
Andy Sutton Roosevelt
Jasmine Lester Van Meter
Donovan Rinehart Van Meter
Anthony Glass Van Meter
Shannon Owens Brody
Connor Wyrick Brody
Sarah Kelly Brody
Dayna Chandler Callanan
Nancy Johnson Callanan
Andrew Patterson Callanan
Rachel Smith Callanan
Shane Lucas Goodrell
Hilary Fenton Goodrell
Sarah Harmon Goodrell
Cody Cochran Harding
William Beyer Harding
Haley Davis Hiatt
Heather Zrucky Hiatt
Kaitlin Doyle Hiatt
Tonya Richards Hiatt
Nick Wyman Hiatt
Patricia Gronewold Hiatt
Sara Earleywine Hoyt
Shelli Bridges Hoyt
Wendy Gibb Hoyt
Kristi Brown Hoyt
Joy Davey McCombs
Denise Bovee McCombs
Jill Dykstra Meredith
Pam Vanderley-Beck Meredith
Megan Sapon Amoah Meredith
Dave O’Connor Merrill
Blake Hammond Merrill
Mary O’Connor Merrill
Stacy Schmidt Merrill
Julie Keith Weeks
Helen Copley CSS
Jennifer Coffey CSS
Stacy Satterstrom CSS
Judy Taylor CSS
Wendy Hemphill CSS
Dennis Pagel Focus
Jill Alessio GT
Mary Barton SLI
Rebecca Marks SLI