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Action Week for a Safer Return to Learning Schedule

Sunday, August 9: Voice and Story Day: Share your story/voice about your “why” for wanting a safer return. Why are you concerned? How will the return to learning personally impact K-12 students, families, and school staff? Share your stories with others on social media using the hashtag #mystorydeservesasafereturn. Send your story to office holders. Create a video. Submit your story as a letter to the editor in your local newspaper.
Monday – August 10: Support Staff Recognition: COVID-19 affects every aspect of the learning environment and all school workers are on the front line. Write a note, send a gift card, make a phone call, ADVOCATE for safety!
Tuesday, August 11: Reach Out and build Awareness: Have a respectful conversation with a loved one/friend who may disagree about a safer return. Listen to their concerns and personalize your response.
Wednesday, August 12: Science, medical and public health professionals share their concerns about school openings. Zoom event, media invited. Details TBD.
Thursday, August 13: News conference and Terrace Hill Flash Drive: A socially-distanced, mask mandated, in-person news conference at the Capital to discuss those suffering the impacts of COVID-19 and asking Governor Reynolds to reverse her July 17 order. Show the personal impact and hold accountable the leaders that have let our families down. A Flash Drive* will take place at Terrace Hill Thursday afternoon (Similar to Drive for Lives event held 7/24 at the Capital). Route and time TBD.
Friday, August 14: Social Media Blitz: Share letters of support/quotes/comments from: community members, office holders and candidates, medical professionals, human services workers, clergy/ communities of faith concerned for safety in returning to learn on social media platforms.
Saturday, August 15: Student Day and Local Flash Drives: Local and regional Flash Drives*: (Similar to Drive for Lives event held 7/24 at the Capital) throughout the state, and organized locally to support districts leading for a safer return to learning and to pressure school districts not considering the safety of K-12 students, families, and school staff. More details on Flash Drive locations to be released. Student action TBD.
*Flash Drive is like the Drive for Lives held at the Capital 7/24. Flash Drives will have suggested routes and times but will not have a staging area or police escort. Participants are encouraged to decorate their cars and express their views around a safer return to learning. Participants must follow all traffic laws.