School Board Elections

The Des Moines Education Association (DMEA) recommends four candidates for the 2019 November School Board Elections. DMEA is the Iowa State Education Association’s largest local representing more than 3500 employees in the Des Moines Public School District.

DMEA cosponsored a public school board forum with the South Central Iowa Federation of Labor and AFSCME Council 61 on Sunday, September 22, where school board candidates responded to questions from members and the community.

A committee of DMEA members from various schools holding diverse positions interviewed each candidate about issues of concern to educators, students and the entire community.

The committee then made a recommendation to the DMEA Executive Board which accepted the recommendations of the interview team.

The DMEA recommends Heather Anderson (District 1); Kalyn Cody (District 2); Dwana Bradley (District 3); and Kelli Soyer (At-Large) on the Des Moines Public Schools school board.

The DMEA believes all four candidates are focused on collaboration with stakeholders, believe in strong staff in Des Moines public schools and support student-centered policy keeping the best interests of students in mind.

Heather Anderson has been a strong supporter of teachers and all DMPS staff for four years. Her perspective as a current classroom teacher is invaluable as she makes decisions for all students.

Kalyn Cody is a former Des Moines teacher.  He will be a strong advocate who will partner with educators and community members to continue to improve the teaching and learning conditions in Des Moines Public Schools.

Dwana Bradley is another former Des Moines teacher who will use her voice to speak up for teachers and students.  She is a strong advocate for increasing community engagement in schools to help combat underfunding from the Iowa Legislature.

Kelli Soyer is a social worker who understands that building relationships with staff is key to advocate for students and public education.  As the district focuses on Social Emotional Learning  (SEL) she will be a strong asset on the board.

“We believe these four candidates have made a strong commitment to public education,” said DMEA President, Joshua Brown. “We know each of them understands the challenges facing educators in these difficult economic times and are willing to listen to our concerns. We feel all of them will represent the interests of our members and we are confident they will work hard to promote and protect our district, our students, and our staff.”

The Des Moines Education Association appreciates all of the candidates for their time and commitment to every student in Des Moines Public Schools.

Candidate Facebook pages to get involved:

Heather Anderson

Kalyn Cody

Dwana Bradley

Kelli Soyer

Iowa has electronic voter registration. Click here to register! 

Here is the form to download to request to vote by absentee ballot

Below is a map that break down the districts.

SB boundaries.jpg