Peer Review

peerreviewThe Iowa Legislature mandated in 2013 that all school districts implement a system of peer review for teachers in their first and second year of the evaluation cycle. The DMPS and DMEA agreed in a letter of understanding how that peer review process will be implemented in Des Moines beginning this January (2014). What follows is a quick guide to how peer review should be implemented in your building:


STEP 1 – Choose Your Peer Review Group

– The peer review process in Iowa requires that peer review groups be self-selected groups of teachers. Peer groups will have chosen each other and agreed to work together.

– Peer group members can be organized by grade level, content area,

PLC’s, data teams, or other groupings that make sense in your building.

– Peer review groups are not for teachers going through their formal evaluation.

– Peer group members must be individuals who are employed as certified teachers as defined by state law.

STEP 2 – Review Individual Professional Development Plans In Your Group

– During a designated time during the workday, share your IPDP goals with your peer group members.

– The focus of the peer review process is to provide your peers with feedback and support on how they can progress towards these IPDP goals.

STEP 3 – Agree Upon Best Ways for Peers To Measure Progress

– Decide what kind of information/feedback you would like from your peers that will assist you in reaching those goals.

– Determine the most appropriate way your peers can gather information to provide that feedback.

STEP 4 – Share Feedback

– Feedback should be supportive and formative. This is not a summative evaluation.

– All feedback is confidential between the peer group members. It is not to be shared with others outside the group.

STEP 5 – Turn In Peer Review Form to Building Administration

– Submit a completed Peer Review Form to administrator to document you have participated in the peer review process.

– You do not submit feedback or notes from the peer review group to administration. That information is given ONLY to the peer you are working with.

 Peer Review Form